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Sheffield Studio
is a recording studio, located in
Belo Horizonte
MG Brazil South America

Analog recording • digital recording • mastering • CD recording • sequence

Spot • jingle • TV commercial • Narrations • Soundtrack • Brazilian music • on hold phone messages

Audio Voice OverSubtitlingLip-Syncing
Brazilian dubbing •
Portuguese dubbingDubbing PT BR Foreign Language Dubbing
Character voice
for movies, games and cartoons

We produce phone advertising for your "On-Hold" customers,
Commercial TV jingles and radio stations jingles production.
(English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese)

Music composition, professional musicians, performance and complete production services
ranging from radio and television commercials.

Advertising agencies, call us!
We can be your partner in Brazil - South America


E-mail:   i n f o @ s h e f f i e l d . c o m . b r                               Phone / Whatsapp:  +55 31 99106-4496

Sheffield Studio website (Portuguese)
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